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Hale Uluwehi


Picture of Hale Uluweh from the road

Hale Uluwehi translates to "Hall of Flourishing Growth"

Hale Uluwehi was built during the State Hospital construction project and is now the home of the agriculture facilities. The operation of the building is partially funded with federal grants.

Course Schedule for Spring 2015

Course Alpha - Title (and Credits)InstructorTimesDaysRoomStart DateCRN
AG 93V - Cooperative Education (1)RinguetteTBAHale Uluwehi 1/1263466
AG 120 - Plant Science (3)Ringuette1:00pm to 4:00pmTHale Uluwehi 1/1263363
AG 159 - Tree Climbing (1)Eckert1:00pm to 5:00pmSHale Uluwehi 2/1763368
AG 158 - Tree Felling & Pruning Equipt (1)Eckert1:00pm to 5:00pmSHale Uluwehi 1/1263465
AG 149 - Plant Propagation (3)Ringuette5:30pm to 8:00pmTHale Uluwehi 1/1263364
AG 155 - Subtropical Aboriculture (3)Ringuette5:30pm to 8:00pmMHale Uluwehi 1/1263365


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