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Where do you go after Wikipedia?

Search for more books and videos in the library using the Voyager Catalog.

in the WCC Library, try browsing the PN1993 to PN1999 section in either the Main or the Reference collections. Also try searching for books that provide historical background on the film or the producer, etc.

try searching for particular movies, like "Blade Runner" or particular proper names, like "Woody Allen" or Japan.


Cinema Paradiso
Annotation: DVD

The Architecture of Doom
Annotation: DVD


A World History of Film by Robert Sklar (PN1993.5.A1 S555 2002)

The Connoisseur’s Guide to the Movies by James Monaco (PN1995 .M567 1985)
Annotation: Reference Collection

The Oxford history of world cinema edited by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith (PN1995 .M567 1985)
Annotation: Reference Collection

Moviemakers’ Master Class : private lessons from the world’s foremost directors by Laurent Tirard (PN1995.9.P7 T495 2002)

Hitchcock-- the Murderous Gaze by William Rothman (PN1998 A3 H553)

Something Like an Autobiography by Akira Kurosawa

Woody Allen by Nancy Pogel (PN1998.A3 A5676 1987)

Movies and Mass Culture edited by John Belton (PN1995.9.S6 M68 1996)

Film Theory Goes to the Movies edited by Ava Collins (PN1994 .F43915 1993)

The Celluloid Closet : Homosexuality in the Movies by Vito Russo (PN1995.9 H55 R8 1981)

Splatter Movies : Breaking the Last Taboo of the Screen by John McCarty (PN1995.9.H6 M33 1984)


Note: users will be asked login to eBrary if they are off campus and an eBrary plug-in must be installed

European Cinema : Face to Face with Hollywood by Thomas Elsaesser

Film Cultures Reader edited by Graeme Turner

Film Social Practice by Graeme Turner

Film as religion : myths, morals, and rituals by John Lyden

From Antz to Titanic: A Student Guide to Film Analysis by Martin Barker

Philosophy Goes to the Movies : An Introduction to Philosophy by Christopher Falzon

Disaster movies a loud, long, explosive, star-studded guide to avalanches, earthquakes, floods, meteors, sinking ships, twisters, viruses, killer bees, nuclear fallout, and alien attacks in the cinema!!!! by Glenn Kay


The Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
Annotation: large database, detailed movie information, some trivia and commentary

Europa Film Treasures
Annotation: archival films from Europe





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