Hale A'o Directory

Hale A‘o Directory


Last Name and First Name [sort]Position [sort]   and emailLocation [sort]Phone
Horikiri, Yuki former Information and Computer Science Lecturer
      e-mail: horikiri@hawaii.edu
Kodama, Linda former Mathematics Lecturer
      e-mail: lkodama@hawaii.edu
Landers, Wei-Ling Mathematics Professor, Retired
      e-mail: weiling@hawaii.edu
Oshiro, Janine former English Assistant Professor
      e-mail: jhoshiro@hawaii.edu
Sagario, Michelle former PEEC Coordinator
      e-mail: msagario@hawaii.edu
Steinfeld, Krista former Hawaiian Studies Lecturer
      e-mail: ksteinfe@hawaii.edu
Choir ClassroomClassroom
Hale A‘o 101
Hale A‘o 102
Hale A‘o 106
Hale A‘o 107
Language ClassroomClassroom
Hale A‘o 116
Faculty Workroom
Hale A‘o 117
Moore, Kalawaia (Peter)Hawaiian Studies Assistant Professor
      e-mail: peterm@hawaii.edu
Hale A‘o 201235-7388
Meinecke, Kalani (Fred)Hawaiian Assistant Professor
      e-mail: fmeineck@hawaii.edu
Hale A‘o 203236-9123
Hale Mana‘opono 101
Hale Mana‘opono 102
Storm, Jody-Lynn Mathematics Instructor
      e-mail: jstorm@hawaii.edu
Hale Mana‘opono 105236-9277
Slagel, Kimlynne Mathematics Lecturer
      e-mail: kimlynne@hawaii.edu
Hale Mana‘opono 110A236-9281
Akatsuka, Clayton Mathematics Professor
      e-mail: akatsuka@hawaii.edu
Hale Mana‘opono 112236-9279
Mathematics and Business DepartmentInstitutional
Hale Mana‘opono 112A236-9279
Okumura, Jean Mathematics Professor
      e-mail: jokumura@hawaii.edu
Hale Mana‘opono 112A236-9282
Math LabInstitutional
Hale Mana‘opono 113
Math LabRoom
Hale Mana‘opono 113
Hale Mana‘opono 114
Hale Mana‘opono 115
Upward BoundInstitutional
      e-mail: ubwcc@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 102235-7488
TRiO - Upward BoundInstitutional
      e-mail: ubwcc@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 103235-7488
Carlson, Bobbi Psychology Lecturer
      e-mail: bobbic@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 107236-9243
Social Sciences DepartmentInstitutional
Hale Na‘auao 109236-9209
French, Kathleen MSociology Associate Professor and Social Sciences Chair
      e-mail: kfrench@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 110236-9223
Palacat, Frank (Francis)Psychology Associate Professor
      e-mail: palacatf@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 123236-9209
Herbic, Falisha Psychology Lecturer
      e-mail: falisha@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 124236-9211
Briggs, Paul Economics Associate Professor
      e-mail: pbriggs@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 126236-9218
Ikagawa, Toshihiko Geography Associate Professor
      e-mail: ikagawa@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 127236-9216
Murphy, Kaiulani Interdisciplinary Studies Lecturer
      e-mail: kmurphy@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 139236-9239



Number of people in the list: 35