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Outside Employment


Purpose. To prescribe a standard form which Board of Regents employees may file their plans for outside employment.

This instruction applies to all BOR appointees. The term "faculty member" in the BOR policy includes all personnel appointed by the BOR. BOR personnel are responsible for filing their plan for employment outside of University jurisdiction.


  1. All BOR employees except as provided in#5 below, must file while with their chairperson, administrative supervisor or designee the particulars on any employment they propose to undertake which is outside of the University or the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii. UH Form 50 (PERS) is designated for this purpose.
  2. The form must be filed at least one week prior to the beginning of each semester (or fiscal year, if appropriate) in which outside employment is contemplated, or, when there has been a change in plan previously proposed and approved. The form may be filed promptly at other times to accommodate situations where outside employment opportunity materializes on short notice.
  3. Approval is not required for outside employment during that period of time which coincides with the individual's off-duty or vacation period; however, all BOR employees should file the form.
  4. Approval of the appropriate Dean or Director of their designee except as indicated in #3, is required before an individual starts on the outside compensated activity.
  5. BOR employees who are on fixed duty schedules of eight hours per day and forty hours per week, including those whose 40-hour work week is subject to flexible scheduling, need not file the UH Form 50.

Download the Board of Regents Policy (A9.240)