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Spring Commencement - Faculty and Staff


Dear Faculty and Staff,

You are cordially invited to attend the 2011 Commencement Ceremony honoring the Summer 2011, Fall 2011, and Spring 2012 graduates of Windward Community College. This year's ceremony is scheduled as follows:

Date: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Time: 1:00pm (arrive 12:30pm)
Place: Paliku Theater, Windward CC

Faculty - as in previous commencement ceremonies, faculty and dignitaries will be wearing graduation regalia (either standard black or the color of your alma mater and the hood of your degree) for the ceremony. Line up for the processional in Palanakila 227 by 12:30pm.

Staff - you are also welcome to attend. Please be advised that students are given a limited number of tickets for access to the theatre.
Seating is limited so please RSVP early.

Your presence conveys the tremendous aloha we feel for our students and the joyous pride we have for them and their accomplishments.

Thank you,

Leslie Opulauoho

Sitting in the Faculty Area

  1. Clayton Akatsuka (department chair)
  2. Joe Ciotti
  3. Letty Colmenares
  4. Pam DaGrossa
  5. Mark Hamasaki
  6. Snowden Hodges
  7. Liko Hoe (department chair)
  8. Toshi Ikagawa (department chair)
  9. Marvin Kessler
  10. Dave Krupp
  11. Weiling Landers
  12. Ross Langston
  13. Malia Lau Kong
  14. Ann Lemke (and Yukon)
  15. MJ Lewis
  16. Floyd McCoy
  17. Toni Martin
  18. Kalawaia Moore
  19. Paul Nash
  20. Janice Nuckols
  21. Jean Okumura
  22. Janine Oshiro
  23. Desi Poteet
  24. Peggy Regentine
  25. Tara Severns
  26. Jean Shibuya (department chair)
  27. Navtej Singh
  28. Mike Tom
  29. Emi Troeger
  30. Lance Uyeda
  31. Inge White (department chair)
  32. Libby Young

Attendees Elsewhere

  1. Bonnie Beatson
  2. Doug Dykstra (stage)
  3. Ardis Eschenberg (stage)
  4. Kathleen French (ushering)
  5. Richard Fulton (stage)
  6. Ellen Ishida-Babineau (stage)
  7. So Jin Kimura (stage)
  8. Winston Kong (ushering)
  9. Kristine Korey-Smith (stage)
  10. Ron Loo (performing)
  11. Leslie Opulauoho
  12. Peter Owen
  13. Brian Richardson (stage)
  14. Carla Rogers
  15. Kate Zane (master of ceremonies)