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  • Media violence : opposing viewpoints edited by William Dudley (Research Topic Carrel, Library Use Only, P96.V5 M43 1999)
  • Mass media : opposing viewpoints edited by Byron Stay (Research Topic Carrel, Library Use Only, P91.25 .M27 1999)
  • How to watch TV news by Neil Postman (PN4888.T4 P58 1992)
  • Blog! : how the newest media revolution is changing politics, business, and culture by David Kline (TK5105.8884 .K55 2005)
  • Laws of media : the new science by Marshall and Eric McLuhan (P90 .M256 1988)
  • Understanding media; the extensions of man by Marshall McLuhan (P90 .M26 1964a)

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  • - consolidates stories, both serious and humorous


  • Manufacturing Consent (DVD)
  • Network (DVD)
  • Outfoxed (DVD)
  • Videodrome (DVD)
  • Truman Show (DVD)

Commentaries on Media

  • The Chomsky Reader by Noam Chomsky (E840 .C472 1987)
  • Amusing ourselves to death : public discourse in the age of show business by Neil Postman (P94 .P63 1986)