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Laulima - Adding Someone to Your Site



Very Important Note: Adding a student to Laulima does not add them to your course, it only adds them to Laulima. They have to add the course via Banner in the usual way.

1. Log in to Laulima and click on the course tab that you want to access

Screen shot of "Site Info"

3. Click on the "site info" tool on the left side of the window

Click on the "add participants" tab on the grey tab bar

Screen shot of "Add Participants"

Screen shot of "Entering Names"4. Enter the names

  • If the person you want to add has a UH account, then type their UH ID (not their full email address, just the ID) in the top box.
  • If the person has an external email address, then type their full email address in the second box.
  • You can add multiple people at once.

Click on the "Continue" button

Screen shot of "Choosing Roles"On the next screen, select the status you want to give the person. Typically, this will be "student".

Click "Continue" and then confirm.