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Using Dreamweaver to Manage Your Course Laulima Resources


File management in Laulima can be tedious, especially when html documents are involved.

You can use Dreamweaver to create, edit, and organize the files in the Resources for any Laulima workspace (courses, committees, etc.). Dreamweaver only has direct access to the files in the Resources folder, so any links outside of that tool to other tools must be done manually.

Setting up Dreamweaver

File Management with Dreameaver

  • Create Folders
  • Move, Delete and Rename Files
  • Create a New HTML Document
  • Edit Text in an HTML Document
  • Adding Icons to an HTML Document
    • download the icons to the course folder
    • open the file where you want to place the icon
    • drag the icon file from the file list (on the right) to the page
  • Creating Links to Resources
    • create links as you normally would in Dreamweaver
  • Creating Links to other Laulima Tools
    • with your web browser, open the other tool and navigate to where you want the link to jump to
    • copy the complete URL at the top of the window
    • go to Dreamweaver and select the text or picture you want the user to click on
    • paste the URL you had copied earlier into the "Link" field in the Properties panel
    • Make sure the change the "target" for the link to "parent" - otherwise the new window will open in the smaller area of the current window
  • Synchronize Your Site
    • to upload the current course website, select "Synchronize Sitewide" from the "Site" menu.

Special Laulima Settings

  • File Access - you must change file access with the Laulima "Resources" tool
  • Change your main course page to an html document
    • first, you need to know the URL for the html document, so go to the "Resources" tool and find the file you want as your front page
    • click on the "Actions" button and select "Edit Details"
    • at the bottom of the next page, you will see the complete URL for that file, so copy it
    • next, you will need to set up the Home to point to that file, so go to the "Home" tool and click on the "Options" link at the top of the window pane
    • where it says "Site Info URL", paste the URL you had copied earlier, and then click on the "Update Options" button.