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Viewing a Webpage in the Home Tool

Screen shot showing "options" link

The "Options" link on the
Home tool for your course

The default main page for your Laulima course contains minimal information about your course, which you may want to replace with something more useful. You can edit the content of this box by clicking on the options key.

However, you can change Laulima so that any web page appears in this box, meaning that you can link to a personal website, a professional website, a search page like Google, or a course website that you've designed in Laulima itself.

An improved default webpage for Windward courses is also available.

When choosing a web page, remember that you cannot resize this window pane, so what you put into the box will have to fit in the narrow space.


Picture of Laulima Options to set front website

The "Site Info URL" field, where you can
identify the default page for your class

Change Home Area to Front Page to Display a Web Page

  1. Log in to Laulima and select your course
  2. Go to the "Home" tool for that course
  3. Click on the "Options" link at the top of the window pane
  4. In the "Site Info URL" (highlighted as red in the picture to the right), type in or paste the URL you want to appear
  5. click on the "Update Options" button.

The web page should now appear in the workspace pane


Taking Over the Entire Default Page

An alternate approach, if you want more web content, is to turn the Home tool off and use the Web Content tool.

  1. Log in to Laulima and select your course
  2. Turn off the Home tool and turn on the "Web Content" tool. When asked, call the "Web Content" tool something like "Welcome" and paste in the URL to the webpage you want to use. Click to apply these changes.
  3. The new Web Content tool must be moved to the top of the tool list to become the default. To do this, Go to Site Info and click on the "Page Order" tool. Then, drag the Web Content tool to the top of the list and click to apply the change.