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Creating Your Profile in Laulima


Laulima is the University of Hawaii's online course management system.

To enter your profile information, log in to Laulima and click on "My Workspace" on the blue bar.

Step 1: Click on the Profile tool

Step 2: Enter your Public Information.

Step 3: Enter your Personal Information. You can hide this information from other users by checking on the "Hide only my Personal Information" box.

Picture from

create a cartoon picture at
a site like SP Studio

Step 4: If you want to add a picture in your profile.

  • Create a picture for your profile, which doesn't need to be larger than about 300 pixels square
  • Upload the picture to your Resources page - click here for help on uploading a file to your Resources
  • To find the URL for the picture, in the Resources tool hover over the "Actions" button and select "Edit Details".
  • Copy the URL, which will begin with ""
  • Return to the "Profile" tool and paste the URL into the "Use Picture URL:" field.

Step 5: Click on the "Update" button to save changes

Screen shot of Laulima Profile tool


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