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How to Embed a YouTube video into a 2007 PowerPoint



This allows you to have control of a video inside a PowerPoint presentation.

You must have a live Internet connection for this to work.

You should have a YouTube URL chosen.
You should have a PowerPoint slide such as a Blank slide or Title and content slide ready.

Open PowerPoint
Add the Developer tab to your PowerPoint ribbon
Go to the Office button (Microsoft logo on top left)
Find PowerPoint Options on bottom and click
Click on check box “Show Developer Tab in Ribbon”

Copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to embed (ctrl c)

Click on Developer tab
Choose Controls group/more controls (toolbox icon)
Select Shockwave Flash Object which allows you to draw an object box in your POWERPOINT
Draw a box in your PowerPoint slide
Right click in the box and select Properties
Find Movies
Paste the URL of the YouTube video into the movies cell (ctrl v)
You must do 2 things to the URL

  1. Highlight “watch?”  and delete it
  2. Highlight “=” and replace it with a “/”

The quotes above are used to identify the letters so don’t insert quotes.
Find Loop and using the dropdown box choose False (prevents video from repeating or looping)
Find Play and using the dropdown box choose False (You will click on it to activate it rather than POWERPOINT choosing when to play)

Run your POWERPOINT or use F5 key