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Witness the birth of a nation as our forefathers struggle to craft the Declaration of Independence.

Audition Dates: Monday, June 20th (possibly Tuesday, June 21st if needed) from 6 until 9 pm

Callbacks June 21st or later that week.

Rehearsals start immediately after casting.


Anticipated Show Run:
September 2, (Friday, 7:30 p.m). through October 2 (Sunday, 4:00 pm)

Please prepare one song from, or in the style of, the show. Classic, legit Broadway, please - Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Loewe, Sondheim, etc., even certain Lloyd-Webber, Wildhorn, Gilbert & Sullivan or period style Art songs are all fine. But avoid contemporary pop/rock musicals.

Men: One song is required, possibly a second for contrast. Please be prepared to perform a brief monologue, in the impassioned style of the language of the show. Shakespeare or contemporary is fine. We would like to see something that shows how you handle language and style. Memorized is preferable, but referring to hand-held text is acceptable, given the short preparation time.

Women: There are only two singing roles for women. However, it is possible that there may some women playing men, as well as featured ensemble roles/dancers. Please prepare two songs. One in the style/range of the women's songs in the show, and a second song that shows your chest voice, singing in the alto or male (tenor) range.

1776 Cast Breakdown:

JOHN ADAMS Delegate from Massachusetts. Not tall. John is a dutiful husband. Opinionated, passionate, and a bit boisterous, he wears his age with pride. Starving for independence from England. Male, 41 yrs old / Range: C3 - F#4

ABIGAIL ADAMS Loving wife to John Adams. Intelligent, quick-witted, and talented with a pen, Abigail is a radiant beauty. Every bit as bright as her husband. Female, 32 yrs old
Range: Db4 - F5

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Delegate from Pennsylvania. Franklin is intelligent, well-traveled, and pleasantly cunning. A jolly and admirable fellow with whom one would desire to have a friendship.
Male, 60-70 yrs old / Range: Ab2 - Eb4

THOMAS JEFFERSON Delegate from Virginia. Though noticeably tall, Jefferson is mild-mannered and sweet. Along with being a well read man, he is very much in love with his wife. Male, 33 yrs old Range: C3 - G4

MARTHA JEFFERSON Thomas Jefferson's very-much-in-love wife. Her looks are striking, her dancing delightful, and her humor appealing. She doesn't shy away from a good time. Joy radiates from her. Female, 27 yrs old / Range: Bb3 - D5

EDWARD RUTLEDGE Delegate from South Carolina. Despite his good looks, Rutledge is haunting and somewhat ominous as the youngest member of the Continental Congress. He is quietly intelligent and oozes southern charm, pride and privilege. Male, 26 yrs old / Range: C3 - A4

JOHN DICKINSON Delegate from Pennsylvania. A thin, hawkish gentleman. He is sharp-tongued, but speaks romantically of the mother country. Open to independence, but not by revolution. Ultimately a noble, principled patriot in his own way. Male, 44 yrs old / Range: A2 - E4

RICHARD HENRY LEE Delegate from Virginia, Lee is a willowy aristocrat. His flamboyancy is intoxicating and borderline infuriating. Male, 45 yrs old /Range: C3 - G4

COURIER The message runner between General Washington's army and the Continental Congress. He has witnessed the hardships of war firsthand, although his innocent disposition and appearance may imply otherwise. Male, 15-20 yrs old /Range: C3 - Db4

ROBERT LIVINGSTON Delegate from New York. Recently a father, Livingston's disposition has become one of humility and graciousness. He has changed considerably over the years. Male, 30 yrs old / Range: Bb2 - F4

ROGER SHERMAN Delegate from Connecticut. A coffee drinker with a penchant for hyperactivity, Sherman is a simple and balding cobbler. Male, 55 yrs old / Range: C3 - Bb4

STEPHEN HOPKINS Delegate from Rhode Island. Hopkins' drinking has led to an appearance befitting of the 2nd oldest in the Continental Congress. He has a dirty old man playfulness about him. Male, 70 yrs old

COL. THOMAS McKEAN Delegate from Delaware. McKean is florid and likable with a charming, yet commanding, Scottish Brogue. Male, 42 yrs old

JOHN HANCOCK From Massachusetts. Supports the cause of independence, but, as President of Congress, remains neutral. Commanding. Does his best to keep the peace, but has moments of exasperation.

DR. JOSIAH BARTLETT Newly arrived Delegate from New Hampshire. Fair-minded and cautious.

LEWIS MORRIS Delegate from New York. Abstains "courteously" from all votes because he's never received instructions from his New York Legislature.

REVEREND JOHN WITHERSPOON Presbyterian Minister, who has come to America from Scotland to avoid religious persecution. Believes in the separation of church and state. New Delegate from New Jersey. Sent to replace previous delegation and vote for independence.

JAMES WILSON Delegate from Pennsylvania. Quiet, timid, respected judge. Content to stand in Dickinson's shadow, but forced, ultimately, to become the deciding vote for independence.

CAESAR RODNEY Delegate from Delaware. Suffering from skin cancer. Never appears in public with out a green scarf wrapped around his face. Forced to leave Congress when his health deteriorates.

GEORGE READ Delegate from Delaware. His opposition to independence becomes an obstacle when Rodney leaves congress, resulting in a stalemate with McKean, who is adamantly for independence.

SAMUEL CHASE Portly. Gourmand. Delegate from Maryland.

JOSEPH HEWES Delegate from North Carolina. "Respectfully yields" to the wishes of South Carolina.

CHARLES THOMSON Secretary of Congress. Takes roll. Reads dispatches from General Washington and makes very dry comments that go over nearly everyone's heads.

ANDREW McNAIR Custodian and bell-ringer. Overworked. Opinionated. Proud to work "In Congress."



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