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Burning / Memory

March 8 – 17, 2019

Written and Directed by Kemuel DeMoville and Taurie Kinoshita

Due to adult situations and themes, this play is recommended for ages 16 and older. Running time is 100 minutes.

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Like most traditional Noh theatre, Burning / Memory features ghosts, poetic text, startling visual images, and deals with hauntingly tragic subject matter. These three cross-cultural one-act plays take the dramatic theories of Asian Noh theatre and compellingly translate them for a contemporary western audience. In addition to poetry, a chorus of actors, music and stylized vocal work feature heavily. Central to Noh are Shinto and Buddhist concepts: a reverence for the power of nature, the fleetingness of human life, and the idea that desire causes suffering. In Noh theatre, characters relive and relentlessly reenact past trauma—doomed to wander the earth, prisoners to overwhelming and uncontrollable emotions. The plots of all three one-acts reflect these Buddhist values.

Cane Fields Burning, by Kemuel DeMoville, uses a chorus of actors and deals with the repeated cycle of domestic violence—a young man replicates the abusive actions of his father.

Memory of a Dream, is adapted from the Noh play Matsukaze. An itinerant priest meets a ghost—the ghost is Matsukaze, a woman trapped between worlds, forever longing for her lost love. Memory of a Dream uses poetry from well-known western poets to achieve the poetic-referencing technique used in Noh theatre, but for a western audience. A chorus, Noh character types, music, and Shinto and Buddhist elements also figure prominently in this heavily adapted short one-act.

Remembering the Fall is loosely inspired by the Noh play Atsumori. A soldier relives the death of an enemy combatant at his own hands. Wracked by guilt, and suffering from PTSD, he tries to gain closure with a therapist by revisiting the day of the battle.


  • Raymond Zach Thompson
  • Daphnei Hussein
  • Juvyln Lucina
  • Noah Schuetz
  • Shantel Au
  • Caleb Cordova
  • Micah Souza
  • Cassidy Keiko Patmont
  • John R. Barajas Jr.
  • Stuart Featheran Jr.
  • Manuel A. Moreno
  • Chivalry Butler

Photo by Orrin Nakanelua
(left to right) Stuart Featheran Jr., Micah Souza, Cassidy Keiko Patmont

Photo by Orrin Nakanelua
(left to right) Juvylyn Lucina, Daphnei Hussein, Chivalry Butler, Cassidy Keiko Patmont